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April 26 2016


Bitcoin holds a steady cost - Spring 2016 Bring up to date



Dear Consumers,

Bitcoin’s steady price provides fuelled a steady development of blockchain based industries inside 2016. Many speculate that low price volatility represents a calm before the tornado while others think that the time is right for consolidation.

Dealers see price stability as a curse nevertheless history teaches all of us that a stable foreign currency is vital for expansion.

Regional Interest

In which the west sees Bitcoin like a speculative digital tool, the east considers opportunity. Digital currencies are seen in a different light in different geopolitical areas. The main reason behind for the reason that the application and use situation changes based on what your location is.

In established developed economies such as the US and UK, Bitcoin can be considered a tool for trial and error and speculation. It's used as an about ramp to understand the space and a core bit of infrastructure from which to create and test blockchain centered innovations from. Emerging African and Hard anodized cookware economies view Bitcoin being a powerful tool regarding cross border payments. A way to pay employees, and a way to pay money without the taxes on poverty that traditional payment systems (such as Western Union) impose.

United Kingdom

The London Underground uses a contactless card payment method built on RFID technology

In the UK, contactless payments are becoming mainstream. The technology, has lead to an increase in card paying faster then any other UK based repayment innovation this ten years. Utilitarian use of Bitcoin within a society that holds digital payments in your neighborhood is limited to risky investment.


Bitcoin online companies such as Bitspark.io are establishing a foothold in emerging markets

Bitcoin Price

The Philippines is a country that will exports labour, 10% of its labourforce is based abroad and therefore are part of a remittance marketplace that is worth $27 billion dollars a year. The greatest expense to Filipino personnel is remittance fees. That is beyond local manage as fees are likely to be charged on both facets of a transaction. Bitcoin is utilized here because its utilitarian value will be high. The World Bank estimates that the Belgium is behind China and india in global remittance payments which gives scope for how big this market actually is.

Our guiding perception is that we are a part of a global financial system that serves a better good then anyone can individually realize. While some of us in public policy may stress at Bitcoins increasing charge of adoption, others will embrace the good a technology can provide to enrich the life of others.


At Magnr we take a proactive stance when controling financial regulators around the world. Our incorporation and processes based out of the UK permits us to help local authorities understand the challenges all of us face as a start-up serving Bitcoin’s global market.

The goal of a financial regulator is usually to provide consumer confidence and protection on the financial system by error. Our dialogue with regulators affirms our belief that consumer safety is a high top priority. Time and time again stories involving Bitcoin startups failing due to ‘bad actors’ in the space continue.

Bitcoin and Blockchain based engineering represent a flywheel inside the space of engineering that is rapidly increasing momentum. We will carry on and push for a regulating landscape that is available to innovation as more banking institutions get involved and push for an agenda associated with transparency that will profit both consumers along with regulators alike.

Disclosure: Colin Kwan is a director of the British Digital Currency Organization, to find out more, visit UKDCA.


The particular Magnr Trading API was released a few months ago and is available to everyone. To automate the trading algorithms and to learn more about the service check out our API Documentation here: http://magnr.github.io/api-documentation/#introduction

Schedule associated with Rates and Fees

The following is a listing of our recent Charge Schedule Updates-

Magnr Savings

Preset Annual Interest Rate: Only two.35% AER

Guaranteed fixed Twelve-monthly Equivalent Rate until July 30th, 2016.

Interest is earned on a monthly compounded basis, on an account funding restriction of 100 BTC.

There won't be any penalties for making Financial savings withdrawals before the conclusion of the month.

Just earn interest on your own funded balance.

Magnr Exchanging

Trade Open Price: 0.45% of place size

Trade Close Fee: 0.45% associated with position size

Everyday Funding Fee: 0.15%

Volatility Multiplier: 15%

Note: there isn't any Daily Funding Price charged during the 1st 24 hours a buy and sell is open.

To check on your Magnr Savings or even Trading account, pay a visit to: https://magnr.com/login

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Each of our Help Center and data Base provides more support information about our services and products. From here you can access many Magnr Trading and also Magnr Savings articles that will help you on your way to trade as well as save more effectively.

Magnr Danger Statement

As with all investments, your capital are at risk. Magnr encourages responsible trading and preserving.

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